transportation project

 Join us as we help provide the children's home with a fit for purpose vehicle which they can use to take 25+ children to their day to day destinations safely and reliably. 

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project vision

Our aim is to provide a basic vehicle which the staff can use to help transport the children to their day to day destinations such as school and doctors appointments. With the children's home being located in rural Thailand, transport is a necessity as the only other alternative is walking. Currently the children are being transported using a motorbike with a side cart; and this is the only transport they have for 25+ children which can only hold a maximum of 9 children depending on size. This calls for frequent trips back and forth which isn't exactly hugely economically and massively time-consuming. We would love to see the staff have something that can carry more children in a safe and adequate manner that will also protect the children from the elements! 

SIMPLe and cost effective

Our approach is to achieve this with simplicity, in the most cost effect way possible. We aim to source a used vehicle that is fit for purpose and we aim to fulfil this with a modest budget of £4000. The plan for sustainability is to also set up a small maintenance fund which cover any maintenance and unforeseen repairs for the vehicle. 

partner with us

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