Kvell current projects.

With frequent trips to the Huaymulai Children's home since our first visit in 2008; we have developed a close, personal relationship and continue to work with all the staff at the Huaymulai Children's home. With the help and local knowledge of Nandoe, Paw Lu Lu and all the other dedicated staff members, we have identified some basic core needs where we can help plug the gaps they are experiencing.

So welcome to our projects page where you can see the aims, goals and outcomes for all our current projects. If you have any questions for us then feel free to drop us a message on our contact us page.


children's dorm

As people, some of our core basic needs are shelter and housing. We are in the process of re-building the children home with the hope of providing the children a safer living environment with a better standard of living.



With travelling from schools to hospitals, safe and reliable transportation is vital. Join us as we help provide the children's home with a reliable vehicle which they can use to carry 25+ children safely and reliably to their day to day destinations. 


medical projects

We believe all children should have access to basic medical care. This has become one of our more important goals at the children home. Join us in helping provide the children with accessible medical care all year round.





We strongly believe that children should be able to experience all aspects of their childhood and sometimes this means just letting the kids be kids. Join us in helping take our family away on a week of fun, of adventure and of growth.