Medical Project

We believe all children should have access to basic medical care without restriction or bias. Join us in helping provide the children with accessible medical care all year round.


project aim

Medical care in rural Thailand is not free. There is no affordable insurance plan or easily accessible free clinic where locals can go to get treated as well as receive the appropriate aftercare without having to worry about the costs involved. Every doctors appointment, every pill and every injection bears it's own price tag.

The local hospital and it's dedicated staff try to subsidise as much as they possibly can but outside of this, if there is an unexpected medical bill, or ongoing treatment the local hospital cannot feasibly subsidise, the staff at the children's home have no choice but to utilise funds earmarked for other provisions such as food and clothing.

Our aim is to create and maintain a separate medical fund in order to eliminate the stress of having to choose between medicine and other necessities. We believe that if we have the resources, then we have the power to change this.


health: a basic human right

We have been successful in raising £1000 to cover medical costs for all of the 25+ children for a whole year. This was adequate to cover ongoing treatment that some of the children require, as well as immunisations, basic health check ups and medicines. We want to to maintain an on-going sustainable medical fund with £1000 per year as the benchmark.



If you believe in this project and would like to help fund this project particularly; we can arrange for your donation to go directly to this cause. Please click here for further information.