Children's Dorm

Adequate shelter and housing is something a lot of us enjoy and even take for granted. Join us in helping the staff and children remodel and maintain the place they call home.


project vision 

The Huaymulai children's home not only houses 25+ children but also all the staff members and their own immediate families. It is a structure built from the ground up and over the years has been extended upon to accommodate its growing population. With their own intuition and skills, the staff have worked to accommodate everyone and make their living environment as comfortable as possible but as with all buildings, disrepair and further space will always be issues. Our aim will be to fund a long term, sustainable remodelling of the children's home in order to maximise space and give that little extra bit of comfort to all of it's inhabitants.  


home is where the heart is

Our aim is to achieve this with the use of local knowledge and expertise. Professional tradesmen that understand the landscape who also know and respect the work being done at the Huaymulai children's home. We will meet with the staff and obtain an understanding of what work needs to be done and what targets we need to meet to make this dream a reality. 



If you believe in this project and would like to help fund this project particularly; we can arrange for your donation to go directly to this cause. Please click here for further information.