We strongly believe that children should be able to experience all aspects of their childhood and sometimes this means just letting the kids be kids. The children's home staff and directors expressed that this a great desire of the children. A time to get away and build character on an adventure filled with new experiences and friendships.  Join us in helping take our family away for a week of fun, of adventure and of growth. 



A lot of us were blessed as children to take a family holiday, something that would break the cycle of work and study. These kids work hard everyday and they deserve to experience that same feeling. When it comes to 30 children and the fact some of them need government permission to leave their village, it becomes a slightly larger endeavor than some people would expect. However, November 2016 will mark the first time The Kvell Project will fund and arrange a children's camp where with the help of the dedicated staff from the children's home; the children and The Kvell Project will embark on a week long, fully funded, activities filled trip visiting different places in Thailand. The first vacation away from the stresses of day to day life for many of these kids. 

simple and cost effective

Our aim is to take the children on a six day trip to two locations in Thailand. Firstly a beach and secondly a national park with waterfalls in the town of Pala U. We have done this in the most cost effective way possible by using our network of people to source local transporation and accommodation with a Karen school in Pala U that will also provide meals.

partner with us

On this trip, our UK team and volunteers will be self-funded, completely out of their own pocket. We will also be contributing financially to several aspects of the camp. 100% of contributions will go directly to the children. 

If you believe in this project and would like to help fund this project particularly; we can arrange for your donation to go directly to this cause. Please click here and note what you would like you're contribution to go towards.