Proposed Projects

These are projects that have been proposed by the Kvell board, Kanda & Pawlulu, if approved we hope to establish them in the 2019 period.

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The CCBPU is a school that has been established on the same grounds as the children’s home (where Nesiha & Amy taught). It teaches Karen, Burmese and Mon students a variety of skills that include business, english and computer.

The school has a CCBPU graduate called Mi Hu Kaw that has been helping free of charge for the last 1.5 years. He teaches Computer 2 hours a day and also helps with the day to day running of the school. Kanda expressed a desire to see him earn a small salary so he is able to earn a living, however basic. This will also help with his day to day living cost and returning home to see his family and support them. Kanda suggested if Kvell could provide 2000bht which is a estimated £49, she would also ask an org in Singapore to provide 2000bht (£49) to help provide him with a total monthly salary of 4000bht £98. This would be a 1 year commitment

Monthly Cost - £49

Commitment - 1 year

Total Annual cost - £588

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Project - Children’s mentorship


The children’s home provides the children with all essential needs and care to a very high standard.  However over the last few years we have noticed the children fall away from the home as they get older. We believe this is because the children find it hard to relate to the children’s home staff and routine as they start exploring young adult life.

We propose, if the children had younger adult role models they could relate, turn to, receive mentorship and guidance from, it will help them stay connected to the children’s home, while giving them the opportunity to transition into young adult life.

Costs would be around £500 as staple for young couple that could head the project up and a £500 monthly budget to do activities with the children. Totalling a monthly cost of £1000.

Monthly Cost - £1000

Commitment - 1 year

Annual Cost - £12,000

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As Paw LuLu, a founder of a host of humanitarian projects based on the border turned 70 years old in 2018, it has become clear that she needs to slow down and bring down her commitment’s. Her daughter Kanda is an ideal candidate to take over the work and commitment that Paw Lulu has developed over the years.

We asked Kanda if she would be willing to commit to this, she said she was already doing it, we suggested internally that around 7000bht which is an estimated £170 would help her continue the work while still being able to provide for her family.

Monthly Cost - £170

Commitment - 1 year

Annual Cost - £2,040