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We are a small group of individuals that has come to realise that certain aspects of life are meant to be lived for others. This is despite our own comfort zones, our financial circumstances and our own busy schedules.

We are not a humanitarian aid organisation or an activist group. We believe in a simple core message, that we have come to know certain people for a reason, and in sharing in their life experience, has come a passion within us to learn, help and join them in their journey through life. 



In 2008 members of The Kvell Project visited the Thai-Burma Border for the first time, meeting Paw Lu Lu and her husband, Nandoe.

Nandoe and Paw Lu Lu have a history of helping refugees fleeing the conflict in Burma into Thailand, where along the border connecting the two countries, Paw Lu Lu is well known as an advocate for women’s and ethnic minority rights.  Nandoe and Paw Lu Lu started an orphanage for the children of refugees in 2006, and since then it has grown in both diversity and size where it now houses more than 30 Karen, Thai and Mon children who call it home. The more we learned about the needs of the orphanage, the more we felt a burden to help.

Since the first trip in 2008, friends from all over the world have returned on a yearly basis to visit and work with the children; and from this, it has slowly developed into a small initiative that is known as The Kvell Project. 



Our UK team is made up of skilled individuals who give their time, effort and resources completely free of charge. The UK team is completely unpaid and currently cover all their own costing. 

Kvell Team

Our team

Vy-Liam Ng

 Project Coordinator

Amit Bajwa

Project Coordinator

Julian Tovar

USA Communications Director  

David Swali


Sam Allam

 Media Director

Bobby Swali

Project Coordinator 


Sonia Dharna 


Dipak Chauhan

Financial Director  


Our Partners | Thai/Burma Border Team 

The team we help


Manager & Carer

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Huaymalai Children's Home Co-  Founder/Director   



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Paw Lulu

Huaymalai Children's Home  Co- Founder/Director  




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Tha Blay


Mission Statement 


To help and empower the war torn people living on the Thai/Burma border in hope that they may reach their dreams in life.

Vy-liam Ng -  Projects Coordinator

"Our first trip to Thailand was just a trip of discovery imbued with a hunger to learn.

The work being done by Paw Lu Lu, Nandoe and their family at the Children's home was eye-opening, selflessness in it's purest form. To say meeting that these people was a life changing experience is an understatement. To say that the humility, love and dignity that has been demonstrated by these people had transformed our own perspective on life is again, nothing short of an understatement.

The Kvell Project has been built on the strong foundation of community and pragmatism exuded  by every staff member at the Huaymulai children's home and from their example, we will work to honour each of the statements below as the core principles of this project.

We only live one life and life should be a collective experience. What ever action we can take to make even the slightest positive difference in a child's life; then that action is worth taking:

  • We will remain transparent in all of our endeavours. We will disclose how funds are being used and what people are contributing towards.

  • We believe in pragmatic and simplistic approaches.

  • We will work on the ground level directly with the Huaymulai Children's Home.

  • We will do everything with love, compassion and a bit of laughter.



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The Kvell Project is based in the UK, Birmingham. Our office is 6TH Floor, Cobalt Square, Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 8QG


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